środa, 28 grudnia 2016


Hi guys! Do u like Christmas? I LOVE it! Everybody are happy, they are singing carols in shopping center and it's amazing time! For example I love ice skating! I have my own skates and when  it's an opportunity I go on ice rink. The second reason why I really like winter is snow. It may not always snowing but I love when everywhere is white. We can make a snowman and we can make a snowboardu fight! Everyone like this.
I love making Christmas decorations and u? Recently I made a snowflakes and a lot of other things. Every year I make not many but a few beautiful decorations and of each year our house is getting nicer. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

wtorek, 13 grudnia 2016


Hi everyone! One month ago I was in Paris. I spend There amazing time. I went to the Disneyland I was On concert and I explored. I loveee Disneyland! I love this decoration and this Disney characters. I were there three times and I want to go there again! There was fantastic and beautiful and colorful and there were Christmas time so they sang calors and they had Christmas costume. I love spend there time. DISNEYLAND IS THE BEST PLACE ON THE WORLD! I saw everything in three days but for me it was not enough. I love them attractions and… everything! I never forgot this. Its nice to go there after eight years.

I'm wasn't only in Disneyland, I explored Paris too. I was under the Eiffel Tower and I was in Louvre and many other. This French language is very beautiful.

środa, 14 września 2016


 Hi guys! What's your memories from vacation? It's my memories. First I was going to Berlin to airport! Bye, bye Poland welcome PORTUGAL! It was beautiful adventure. One week I was in Lisbon and one in Porto. There was beautiful monuments, palace and churches. I saw a lot of interesant think. All day we were (with my parents and sister) visited this town. Every day I ate rustic rose ice cream, fruit salad and  frapucino morango from STARBUCKS. But all beauty must come to end... so now I have to go to my school and study a lot. I'm so sad that it's the end of vacation. It was really fantastic experience and I want to return this ;-)

środa, 10 sierpnia 2016


 Hi everybody! Today I have birthday!!!!!!!!! Now I'm 13th years old! I'm so exciting!!! It was beautiful and calm day. I was spend it with my family and friends. Birthday party I had last sunday so today I'm relaxing. A few days ago I made my big birthday party by the lake with my family and friends. I had a lot of attractions and big birthday cake...

poniedziałek, 1 sierpnia 2016


Hi! Las year I bought medieval dress, made to measure.
Firs I watched several movies, then I drew many sketches of their costume and I'm consulted my project with a Mrs. seamstress who had to sew a dress. Together we planned all the details and I could go to searching for fabric. Material which I ultimately decided was brought from Spain. I wait for it one week. It was worth it because turned out to have a beautiful color and texture.
The biggest job done seamstress Mrs. Aneta Paduszyńska, which is a true artist and her studio "Atelier Paduszyńska" I honestly recommend you. Fitting and discusion on the project took place in a  cheerful atmosphere. Nothing was a problem for her, she was happy that she can do this don't casual project.
The result of our job you can see on the picture below
PS. Thank you parents that my dream could come true

niedziela, 31 lipca 2016


Hi everybody! I'm sorry for this along break. I have new costume- Alice from Alice in Wonderland!!!!! It's very beauty and similar for original. I like this movie - „Alice in Wonderland" so I want to feel as Alice.

It's not my first costume, every year I buy one new costume and it's great idea because I love dress up so I have a wardrobe only for costume!!!

                                                             Costume: Cosplaysky
                                                                Shoes: Everybody

sobota, 16 lipca 2016


Today I have two proposition how to wear jeans jacket. I like this jacket, it's very comfortable and very universal. It's very good looking too. I can wear it both to leggins and dress. I choose this jacket in light blue because I like light color better.

First one is very casual- with black leggins and stripy T-shirt. The second one is more elegant- with white lace dress and high heels. What stylization is for you better?

T-shirt: House
 Shoes: Kazar
Jacket: H&M
Dress: Only
Shoes: Vices


Hi everybody! Today I'm in Myślibórz at my grandparents. It is beautiful warm weather so I use it for do beautiful photo. I'm wearing stripy elegant shirt with shorts.

I feel very good because It's a lots of time to the end of the vacation so the weather can be better, I can do more difrent thing and I can go to more difrent place.

Shoes: Kazar
Shorts: Cubus