niedziela, 31 lipca 2016


Hi everybody! I'm sorry for this along break. I have new costume- Alice from Alice in Wonderland!!!!! It's very beauty and similar for original. I like this movie - „Alice in Wonderland" so I want to feel as Alice.

It's not my first costume, every year I buy one new costume and it's great idea because I love dress up so I have a wardrobe only for costume!!!

                                                             Costume: Cosplaysky
                                                                Shoes: Everybody

sobota, 16 lipca 2016


Today I have two proposition how to wear jeans jacket. I like this jacket, it's very comfortable and very universal. It's very good looking too. I can wear it both to leggins and dress. I choose this jacket in light blue because I like light color better.

First one is very casual- with black leggins and stripy T-shirt. The second one is more elegant- with white lace dress and high heels. What stylization is for you better?

T-shirt: House
 Shoes: Kazar
Jacket: H&M
Dress: Only
Shoes: Vices


Hi everybody! Today I'm in Myślibórz at my grandparents. It is beautiful warm weather so I use it for do beautiful photo. I'm wearing stripy elegant shirt with shorts.

I feel very good because It's a lots of time to the end of the vacation so the weather can be better, I can do more difrent thing and I can go to more difrent place.

Shoes: Kazar
Shorts: Cubus



Hi everyone! Do you have an diary? I do and I think that it's great idea. It's beautiful reminder. There we can describe for example: your great day or sad and important events. I think that it is thing what everybody should have it ;-) Take pen in hand and do it!

piątek, 15 lipca 2016


In the future I want to be an actress, so now I go to theatre lessons. I LOVE THIS. Sometimes we take part in theatre performances for example; in shopping center, on the square, in kindergartens or theatre. I have there a lots of fun and adventures.


Hi everybody! I'm Emilly Matkowska, I'm 13 years old and it's my blog. There I'II write about my adventures, hobby and fashion. I hope you enjoy it ;-)