środa, 10 sierpnia 2016


 Hi everybody! Today I have birthday!!!!!!!!! Now I'm 13th years old! I'm so exciting!!! It was beautiful and calm day. I was spend it with my family and friends. Birthday party I had last sunday so today I'm relaxing. A few days ago I made my big birthday party by the lake with my family and friends. I had a lot of attractions and big birthday cake...

poniedziałek, 1 sierpnia 2016


Hi! Las year I bought medieval dress, made to measure.
Firs I watched several movies, then I drew many sketches of their costume and I'm consulted my project with a Mrs. seamstress who had to sew a dress. Together we planned all the details and I could go to searching for fabric. Material which I ultimately decided was brought from Spain. I wait for it one week. It was worth it because turned out to have a beautiful color and texture.
The biggest job done seamstress Mrs. Aneta Paduszyńska, which is a true artist and her studio "Atelier Paduszyńska" I honestly recommend you. Fitting and discusion on the project took place in a  cheerful atmosphere. Nothing was a problem for her, she was happy that she can do this don't casual project.
The result of our job you can see on the picture below
PS. Thank you parents that my dream could come true