wtorek, 13 grudnia 2016


Hi everyone! One month ago I was in Paris. I spend There amazing time. I went to the Disneyland I was On concert and I explored. I loveee Disneyland! I love this decoration and this Disney characters. I were there three times and I want to go there again! There was fantastic and beautiful and colorful and there were Christmas time so they sang calors and they had Christmas costume. I love spend there time. DISNEYLAND IS THE BEST PLACE ON THE WORLD! I saw everything in three days but for me it was not enough. I love them attractions and… everything! I never forgot this. Its nice to go there after eight years.

I'm wasn't only in Disneyland, I explored Paris too. I was under the Eiffel Tower and I was in Louvre and many other. This French language is very beautiful.

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